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Born in Minneapolis and raised in the Northwest, Bludorn developed a passion for food and service early on, which led him to earn a degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America. During his studies, he took on an externship at Seattle’s fine dining establishment Canlis. Upon graduating in 2006, Bludorn moved to Napa where he spent three years at Cyrus Restaurant working under Michelin-starred Chef Douglas Keene, who taught him about cooking with quality, integrity and finesse.

When New York City began to beckon, Bludorn researched his next move by opening the Michelin Guide. Chef and mentor Keene encouraged him to choose Chef Daniel Boulud, stressing that his kitchens offered all foundations Bludorn was seeking: a culture of excellence, high-quality cuisine, opportunity for growth and mentorship. After four days of trailing, observing and interacting with the group’s chefs, he’d found a new home at Café Boulud.

Bludorn arrived to Café Boulud in 2009 and was introduced to recently appointed Executive Chef Gavin Kaysen, who was in the midst of building a team of dynamic, young chefs. In five years, he learned about the importance of tradition and dedication, and worked his way up from Chef de Partie to Executive Chef, joining the ranks of Andrew Carmellini, Alex Lee and Gavin Kaysen.

Inspired by Kaysen’s ability to build a sense of community among his team, Bludorn is also deeply involved in Careers Through Culinary Arts Programs, among other organizations, and welcomes the program’s students and graduates into his kitchen. He judges the organization’s annual scholarship-granting competition, and through his work, Bludorn is building the next generation of culinary leaders.

In his current role, Bludorn continues to rediscover the restaurant’s roots while bringing new ideas to the menu, creating expressive and delicious food with seasonal and international influences.